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We are Dino Trading Company Limited based Ireland with branches in  
European countries, we have a wide range of trading experience of  
quality products and our quality have been approved the world over. Dino  
Trading Company Limited was set up on Thursday the 15th of September  
1994, Having mastered the art of procurement and marketing across the  
domestic markets, Dino Trading Company Limited is as a major Exporter  
and Supplier of a wide range of products. As a reputable international  
trading companies in the Ireland. With years experience associated to  
important partners in the segment have allowed Dino Trading great  
participation in the global market

Our goal is to provide a 100% pure, quality products, that are  
affordable, appealing, and that may have significant health benefits for  
the average consumer. Since the founding of the company in 1994, we  
have been driven by four core values: Quality, Trust, Service and  
Integrity. Our values have not changed, and they will not change in the  
decades ahead. This is who we are! We strive to make a difference by  
creating a superior product while protecting the environment, and also  
in the private sector, by purchasing our seeds from local farmers.

The Dino Trading company Limited trades on major commodities:  
Organic Honey, Coconut Oils, A4 Copy Papers, Wood Products, Animal  
Feed, Alfalfa Hay, Bone Meal, ISCC Refined Edible Oils, Confectionery,  
Dairy Products, Energy Drinks, Paper & Plastic Scrap, Maize, Cigarettes,
The company is an ISO 9001:2000 certified firm with partners and  
branches in EU Member countries. The company also specializes in third-
party processing and the products undergo international standard quality  
checks before being packed.
Wood Products

Logs and Fire wood, wood briquette pini kay,
Woods Pellet, sunflower husk pellet, Ruf
Briquette, Sawdust, Wood Shavings, Wood Chips
Chicken Meat Products
The Halal Process' Our chickens are
slaughtered by Muslims individually by
hand, in accordance with Halal guidelines.
Our  facility maintains a strict adherence
with all humane animal treatment and
slaughter requirements, including cut
Edible Oils - Refined & Organic Oils
We provide a complete cooking oil delivery service across Ireland,
offering vegetable oil delivery to your business as well as used and
waste oil collection.Variety available; We conveniently provide you
with a container for storage of your used cooking oil. These bulk
tank containers are provided free-of-charge to our customers.

No more mess, no more sticky fingers. Our reputation for providing
clean sanitised containers for storing your used cooking oil is well-
known throughout the industry.
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